Mr Arudou, correction please.

Let me be brief.
Your post's title says:
A foreign journalist detained, deported in relation to the Summit.
The fact the link you provided says:

Mis. Susan George was safely admitted the entry before the noon after the interview for three hours.

(The article has changed the hours of the interviews from 3 to 4 in the new edition.)

Japan Times JUST BE CAUSE Column 5: July forecast: rough, with ID checks mainly in the north
A reporter friend also reported that registered NJ Summit journalists are being detained at the border and deported.

Wow your own link says
Last night (June 27), three Hong Kong citizen journalists who have been registered with the Citizens’ Media Center (Sapporo) were detained by Immigration, and were on the verge of being deported.

This morning, Susan George (ATTAC France) was stopped and questioned at the airport. Hi Blog. Forwarding from Ms Kimura Kayoko, freelance writer for online independent internet newspaper Nikkan Berita

It means they were not deported, isn't it?

On a tangential note, you might be interested in the groups this Nikkan Belita quote to support their article?

G8Action NetWork
G8Action netwok

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fh さんのコメント...

Hello, I am just arriving here via other blogs. I have never commented on Debito's site (nor do I plan to), but I simply want to applaud your efforts as I share many misgivings regarding his less-than-subtle tactics. Please keep up the constructive work!


ponta さんのコメント...

Thank you.
I really think Debito does more harm than good.Of course if they change their tactics, that is another story. I have no hard feeling about him.
They can criticize Japan as much as they want, but I want them to criticize Japan just as they criticize their mother country.

Yeah, I'll do my best.

ponta さんのコメント...

BTW as you said on occi. I think Asian Americans will have less troubles living, surviving here in Japan if they speak Japanese well.
For that matter, I think that the main block is the language. If you speak perfect Japanese and if you speak perfect English, you look cool whether Asian, or Caucasian .
Language skill is crucial. (it is crucial even for Japanese people ---how you respond to the conversation shows how well you can live and survive in that society.)
But that does not mean foreign looking kids will have no problem. They need support and they worth it. Education at school is crucial here.
There are Chinese restaurant next to the building I live in. It is a mom-papa shop. The mother said the first kid was in U.S. and the second kid was here in Japan, going to Japanese elementary school. Asked where he has had an experience of discriminations, she said no. The mother has Chinese accent but the kid speaks perfect Japanese. Chinese last name just goes like Japanese last name.
I am not sure how, for instance, Chinese people are treated at the company level, but whatever the case now, by the time he grows up to get a job, I hope he'll have no problem.
By the way, In her perception, she said, U.S. was whites man's society. Oh well.....

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Weirdo さんのコメント...


Also, I've noticed your japanese is excellent(I hope you don't feel patronized). Are you Japanese(ethnic) or just a very studious 在日外国人・外人・移民・永住者・非日本人?(whichever is pc)

"Little-Yellow-Jap" さんのコメント...

毎日新聞擁護の准教授、 HP に日本人差別の作品掲載

Arudou's hyper-sensitivity about the word "Gaijin" seems truly absurd when you consider that he's casually using the expression "Little Yellow Jap" 6 times in English and several times in Japanese.


And there's a new revelation: "Little Black Sambo" is published in 200+ versions in the USA. (Click on my HN LittleYellowJap, above.)

So, what exactly is the point Arudou is making by his repeated use of the racial slur "Little Yellow Jap" ?