2008/03/14 (2) ~ Arudou Debito

Wrote it in English.
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Welcome sticker

Price: 0 yen per sticker, Just print it out.

I welcome J & NJ comments. I also welcome criticisms. That makes me diffrent from Debito

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2008/03/14 Debito Arudou

Great Idea.

I would like to give you certification to the effect.
Welcome Japanese,
Welcome criticisms
Welcome obejections.

But so far it seems I can't.
Don't act like a child, Mr Arudo.
If you refuse comments by Japanese like me, give us the reasons.

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2008/03/13 Debito Arudou

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Mr Arudou the crime in question is a murder in both cases you compared above. The accused defence in both cases is that it was done in self-defence. If the claim is valid the crime, murder does not hold. If it was done in self-defence but way he defends was excessive, the crime holds, but since it is an excessive defence, he will get the reduction in the sentence.In that sense in both cases lenience is expected.
Now, how does the two cases demonstrate NJ is treated unfairly?
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2008/03/10 ~ Debito Aridou

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Mr Aridou, first off , you say we have no law agasint racial descrimination, but we have the constitution 14 and civil code 90. It might be insufficient but it is not accurate that we don't have no law against racial descrimination.
I for one don't care about the UN security council member, but considering what China and Russia and other members, I don't see how what you are talking about is related to Japan's bid for the member. 
Mr Aridou, let's talk in an open forum about why you are rejcting my commnets and what you want to talk about and such.

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Mr Aridou keeps censhoring comments by Japanese ~ Debito

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Note the the last 3 lines have been deleted without notice.
And the comment to the effect that he should notify it when he deleted the part of the comment was also blocked.

Mr Aridou rejected an open discussion with Japanese ~ Debito

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Mr Aridou, it look a very interesting book. Can I buy it at Kinokunia in Shinjuku?
Mr Aridou, why do you keep blocking comments.
Le'ts start an open discussion.
The comment section is open.
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3月7日(’2) 有道さんブログ投稿

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March 7th, 2008 at 6:25 pm

『「第6 被告人の供述の検討
1 これに対し被告人は捜査段階及び公判廷において「・・・・走っている車のなかやMの家の前で停車しているときに、Fが私の陰茎を触ってので、私も彼女の陰部に指を入れるなどしました。セックスまではしていません。」』としています。15項
「Fと被告人は本件犯行j当日が初対面であることが一致して認められるところであり、・・・偽証罪の制裁のある旨注意を受けた公判廷において、ことさらに自己にとって恥辱的な内容を含む虚偽の供述をしたりしてまで、被告を罪に陥れる動機は全く認められrない」7項 としています。
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Mr Idubor
According to the court text Mr aridou uploaded,

No6 The examination of the testimony by the accused.
The accused under the investigation and the court stated " ・・・in the car on the way to and in front of the M's house....F started toughing my penis and so I poked my finger into her genital, we didn't go so far as to have sex." page 15

As for this, the accuser says,
" Supported by the accused, he had me sit at the front
seat. The accused said we were going to the hospital because I was too drunk.....
I went asleep and found myself in front of M's house."
page 5

And the judge says,
"It is agreed that F met the accused for the first time when the rape took place, ......the accuser was warned that she would be charged of perjury if she were to give false testimony. She does not have sufficient reason to put the accused into guilty by committing perjury and making statements that is insulting to herself."
page 7

How do you explain this?
Mr Aridou covered up these facts, but doing that would just make you more disadvantageous.
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March 7th, 2008 at 6:52 pm

Mr Idubor
Mr Aridou has just blocked my comment again.Regretable.
I'll publicize my comment elsewhere so his blocking will just make you more suspicious. Don't get me wrong,I don't
presuppose you are guilty. I just hope the justice will prevail over this case.
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3月7日 有道さんブログ投稿 ~ Debito

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March 7th, 2008 at 9:44 am

So with no clear example of activism “working” in Japan, it’s difficult to argue that causes are worth the time and energy.

Is that so? Against discriminations of Buraku, various civil activism has had a remarkable successes. You know it, don't you?

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3月5日 有道さんブログ 投稿  ~Debito

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March 5th, 2008 at 10:34 am


At AmerAsianshool, students are taught Japanese and English from elementary shcool to
junior highschoo. That is essential for international communication. Why, Mr Aridou, do you not speak to the Japanese people in general in Japanse?

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3月4日(2) 有道さんブログ投稿 Debito


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  • The original post is in Japanese.
  • my comment
  • Whether fingerprinting is valid or not, "out of this, 128 were rejected through the fingerprinting system---this is an interesting part, isn' t it?. Is the system working for discovery of illegal immigrants rather than of terrorists?
  • わっ、早くもブロックされている。
    Come to think of it, the fingerprinting stuff was left out of the English translation. Not of interest to English-language readers?

    Well might it be the same reason you left out English translation?
  • 3月4日 有道さんブログ投稿 ~  Debito

    I am looking forward. Keep it up. I hope you write it in Japanese too;it will facilitate communication between Japanese and gaikokujin.
    BTW, does it take so much time to translate your own 800-words-essay into Japanese?

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    3月1日 有道さんブログ投稿 ~ Debito

    1. What I’m really waiting for is the torrent of apologies, marching in the streets and international diplomatic wrangling which will follow the announcement that the rape charges against the US Marine have been dropped. I’m waiting for Fukuda to call the false charges, “Unforgiveable!” (I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath?

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      沖縄の少女の事件の場合、米軍も容疑者も、he kissed and pressed up against the girl とはいっているわけでしょ。この場合、暴行罪が成立しますが、女性が親告しない場合、検察は暴行罪に関しても起訴できないわけです。

    3. Could you stop infringing the victim's right to reputation? In case of Okinawa's case, the culprit and the marine admit that he kissed and pressed up against the girl, don't they.? It means that the crime of assault holds but it requires the formal complaint from the girl to prosecute the assault which is a part of rape. Mr Aridou, you admit the comment like DR but reject the comment like this, don't you?

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